Public Drip About

Celebrating active play and self expression for all public athletes.

For the public athlete of the world, who enjoys active play and self expression. We give you PUBLIC Drip.
A collective of 
public athletes who create an inclusive environment built on the beauty of public sport. 
We are PUBLIC Drip.


Founded in 2020, Public Drip was created to serve the public athlete. Each of its pieces are designed in Brooklyn, New York, and are inspired by an affection for traditional menswear form, and the design and function of progressive sportswear. 

Creating high-quality, yet approachable products is our nod to the accessibility of the public spaces that made us. We believe these places provide not only community but a tangible platform for self expression and representation in sports. 

So here’s to the municipal gems and big city tracks, honor boxes, open gates, parking lot recaps, and the growing community being formed along the way. 

See you out there,

Neil Tan,
Public Drip